Legend of Halong Bay

Halong Bay is one of seven new wonders of nature. Coming Ha Long is a way let you come closer to Mother Nature. All place in Halong is so beautiful as fairy landscape.

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History of Halong Bay

The landscape is just extraordinary. No matter the weather, the limestone karsts will create a baffling realm of natural beauty. Talking about mystery, there are a couple of legends about how Halong Bay was created; the most common one says that dragons were sent there by gods to protect Vietnam from invaders.
While defending the country, the dragons started to spit jades and jewels to the sea and they turned into the islets and islands afterwards. This way they created a protecting wall against the enemies who eventually hit the rocks and never conquered the land. Hence the name of the bay comes from: in Vietnamese Ha Long means “descending dragon.”

Why’s Ha Long?

The more pragmatic explanation says the term “Halong Bay,” appeared after French sailors encountered sea snakes in the area and reported it as Asian dragons to the media in France in 1898.
However that may be, the truth is the limestone formations of Halong Bay are gorgeous and will definitely evoke many curious questions about their origin.
Summer is coming, Ha Long Bay definitely becomes a cool place for you. Stay and discover landscape in Halong, we sure that you would have a memorable time in here.