Ghenh Da Dia – The Natural Beauty


Ghenh Da Dia is a famous attraction in Phu Yen that is well known for the natural beauty of the scenery. The name Ghenh Da Dia means “Rapids of Stone Plates.” And with its natural stones, uniquely structured rocks, columns, and frozen mineral flow obliques, the place is considered as a masterpiece of stone, all pure from the bounty of nature.

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Ghenh Da Dia is situated at An Ninh Dong Commune, Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province. It has an area of 1 kilometer square, half of which is in the sea, the other half above sea level. According to the history of the place, the strangely structured rocks started millions of years ago. Every time a volcano erupted, the melted mineral flows froze when it came contact with water. The frozen solid broke into columns or obliques which then resulted in the spectacular landscape Ghenh Dia is now known for.

Ghenh Da Dia via Xom Nhiep Anh

A unique geological beauty

Millions of years ago, during volcano eruption, mineral flows melting will be frozen when they encounter water and then the solid breaks into columns or obliques. That created the beautiful landscape of Ghenh Da Dia for the present time. Time over time, the landscape is rearranged as an artistic work by the hand of nature.

The rocks at Ghenh Da Dia are made up of big, upright stones that are surprisingly arranged equally to form a star. Moreover, each stone piece is of the same exact shape, a mystery to everyone even up to the present time. Over time, the stones have been rearranged through the forces and elements of nature. Today, tourists visiting the area liken the structure to a giant beehive, while others see a pile of stone plates.

Ghenh Da Dia via Mytour

Stones at Ghenh Da Dia are composed of bazan stones, dark black and light yellow in color. They come in different sizes. The shapes also vary from round, polygon, pentagon, among others. The stones run between 60-80 cm in height and 20-30 cm in width. All the stones are set close to each other like disks and gather around a fresh pond fed by an underground, perpetually flowing river.

But aside from this natural rock mystery are other tourist attractions around the Ghenh Da Dia area. Bang Beach is a beautiful place for swimming, relaxation, camping and other activities. It is also endowed with the “magical” rocks as in Ghenh Da Dia. Hon da luc luong is a grotto that served as shelter for the soldiers during the time of war. Marine life abound in Ghenh Da Dia as well, especially the “Mut” seaweed. It is a “network”-looking like species of kelp, salty and sticks to stones.

Ghenh Da Dia has been recognized as a National Heritage Site by the Ministry of Culture and Information. With its bounty of naturally amazing elements, it won’t be a surprise when sooner or later, not only local, but foreign tourists alike flock to the area to gaze and appreciate at the mysterious but beautiful gift of nature.

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